"I don't think that the majority of students had thought seriously about the implications of military involvement. Hearing veterans talk first-hand about their experiences made them sit up and take notice." Teacher, Patrick Henry High School, San Diego

Capt. Nicolas DeWulf, 510th Fighter Squadron pilot, demonstrates his flying gear to 2nd grade students during the STEMposium at the Aviano Elementary school. - Photo DoDEach year, the military spends billions of dollars saturating our schools and communities with propaganda that popularizes soldiering and war. The campaign to sell militarism to young people and their parents employes slick ads, glossy literature and recruiting tactics that often rely on deception and high pressure salesmanship.

An organization like Project YANO is needed to provide a counter-balance to this marketing of militarism. We give young people information they should have in order to see through the deceptive advertising and discover other ways to pursue their goals for job training, higher education and service to others. In addition to our direct outreach to local young people, we play a key leadership role nationally by supporting the development of similar organizations around the U.S. Among other things, we co-sponsor regional and national conferences for counter-recruitment organizers and helped establish the National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth.

Here are some of our local, national, and international activities:

  • Production of educational literature--in English and Spanish--on military enlistment, JROTC, alternatives for job training and college financing, and careers in peacemaking and social change.
  • Presentations on the realities of military enlistment and war given by military veterans and other volunteers in hundreds of San Diego area classrooms.
  • Placement of literature and posters in local school career centers; displays at school career and college fairs.
  • Campaigns to educate the public and school officials about military aptitude testing in schools and militaristic programs like JROTC.
  • Collaborative work with other groups nationally to form information-sharing networks.
  • Training of counter-recruitment activists around the country.
  • Extensive work with national and international news media.
To see us in action, check out the photos on the YANO at Work photo gallery page.


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